About the Company

True Value Savings aims to be the preferred shopping destination for our affiliates and customers by delivering outstanding value, quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. We have created an online e-commerce shopping environment like no other. True Value Savings offers products and service everyone can use and afford. But what makes True Value Savings stand out from the competition is how we reward our affiliates. True Value Savings affiliates earn commissions on their own purchases as well as their retail customers purchases, no other company does that.

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We believe that it is time a real company, with real value was introduced to the network marketing industry. True Value Savings was created to help people save money on products they use everyday, along with earning real commissions.    

Most MLM companies charge ridiculously high prices for their (less than high quality) products, just to create a compensation plan. The majority force their affiliates to purchase these products in order to be qualified to earn in their comp plan. The truth is, most people never make any money in these programs. In fact, most people lose money and are stuck with products they probably would not have otherwise purchased.

Typically, MLM companies do not offer high quality products. But we feel high quality products are crucial.  Our passion is offering the best high quality products on the market today with True Value Savings.  You can rest assured knowing that you're buying high quality products from a reliable source because we stand by each and every product and service we offer.  We also feel there should be a wide variety of products to choose from to provide "something for everyone" to buy or sell.  We intend to have not hundreds, but thousands of products on our website.

We have each participated in multiple network marketing companies in the past. We are well versed in what "doesn't work". At the same time, our previous experiences have helped us put together a company that we truly feel will change the way MLM network marketing companies are doing business. In addition to network marketing, we each have held professional positions, ranging from Finance to Customer Support and even Sales.

Now, for the first time, we have teamed up together to share with others a new way of sharing, saving and earning commissions.


To enable individuals to attain and maintain a better quality of life.   True Value Savings is poised to become a leader in helping people save money, enjoy a better lifestyle and to set an example that will revolutionize the direct sales industry. 


Free Membership

There is no cost to become an affiliate member of True Value Savings.


E-Commerce Shopping

We offer products for fitness and health and wellness , beauty, natural skin care, anti aging and nutrition, as well as pet, household electronics, cell phone plans, cell phones and much more.   Our affiliates and retail customers enjoy buying something new while
saving on products they are already using.


Exclusive Travel Benefits

Our travel program offers amazing travel deals on all types of vacations including cruises, condos and hotels. Whether you wish to travel more frequently, vacations at more luxurious accommodations for the same price, or just save money on your next vacation, our travel membership makes it affordable.



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True Value Savings is constantly striving to surpass our competitors in quality and value by bringing more opportunities, products and services to its affiliate members and retail customers. With its outstanding product line and services that people are going to use anyway, no one has to change their lifestyle or buying habits. Over time, a residual income can be created that allows True Value Savings affiliate members to get out of daily living and into the life they are supposed to live.

Start earning an income today on the products and services that people use everyday. Reach new levels of health and wealth through True Value Savings products, services and opportunities.


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