Q?  What is the mission of this company? Why are you different?
A -. Our Immediate goal is to help you save money on useful products.  We aim to be the preferred shopping destination for millions of Americans by delivering outstanding values on quality products and services that everyone can use and afford.  Look at our products and prices.  You will see.

Our second goal is to help you earn an additional income so that you may attain and maintain a better quality of life. Unlike many other companies, our business opportunity will be COMPLETELY FREE. NO purchase of any kind will be required of our Independent Business Associates. There are NO fees to get started. There are NO autoship purchase requirements. There are NO fees for marketing tools or replicated websites. Ultimately, we hope to set an example that will revolutionize the direct sales and network marketing industries.
Q?   How much does it cost to join?
A -.  Absolutely 100% FREE.  This is a free affiliate program.
Q?   How do I upgrade my customer account to an IBA account?
A -. The IBA who referred you to truevaluesavings.com must first click "Allow IBA Upgrade" next to your name on their "My Customer" list located in their truevaluesavings.biz back office.
Q?   Is there an annual renewal fee?
A -.  No
Q?   What is the minimum purchase?
A -.  There are NO purchases required of Independent Business Associates (IBA).  Retail customers may place any size order (1 product minimum).
Q?   Do I have to be on a monthly autoship?
A -.  No.  There are zero personal purchase requirements.
Q?   What is the definition of an "active" IBA?
A -.   An IBA must generate at least one retail sale during the month to qualify for all commissions in that month.  A retail customer is a customer who is not also an IBA.
Q?    May Independent Business Associates also open a customer account?
A -.   Yes.  That is the only way to purchase products.
Q?    How much commission do I earn on my own personal purchases?
A -.   30% of the Commission Value (CV).
Q?    If I am "inactive", do I lose my position?
A -.   No.  Positions are permanent.  You will not lose either your position or your downline.  
Q?    If I am "inactive", do I lose my personal sponsored members and customers?
A -.  If you are inactive for 6 consecutive months, you lose your position will be compressed out of the matrix.  Your account will still exist and you may become active anytime by obtaining 1 retail customer.  
Q?    How often will I receive commissions?
A -.   Once a month, on the 15th of the month for the previous months sales.
Q?    How will I be able to access my commissions.
A -.   You may have a physical check mailed to you or you may utilize Global Cash Card to gain access to your commissions.
Q?    What is the minimum amount to receive commissions?
A -.   The minimum is $25.
Q?    Are there any fees to receive my commissions?
A -.   There is a $2 fee if you request a physical check be sent to you. 
Q?    What marketing materials do you offer?
A -.   Two replicated websites are provided - one for retail customers (.com) and another for downline team building (.biz).     Affiliate banner ads (digital images) will also be provided for many of the products.
TrueValueSavings.com – for retail customer sales
TrueValueSavings.biz – for downline team building
Q?    What is the Commission Value (CV) to Dollar Ratio?
A -.    That varies from product to product.  A Product/Price/CV Sheet will be available in your IBA back office.  Please understand that we operate differently than most companies.  Our Commission Value (CV) is a realistic commission that is based on competitively priced products.  Many marketing companies charge outrageously inflated prices and then pay out 50%-60% of their CV in their commission plan, along with a large percentage of "breakage" due to difficult to reach qualification requirements.  We pay 100% of our CV to the sales force and  zero "breakage" through our revolutionary company-wide Breakage Bonus Pool.
Q?    How much money can I earn?
A -.  We do not make income statements. Your earnings will depend on your efforts and the success of those efforts. We can say this - your expenses will not reduce your earnings, because our business is absolutely free!
Q?    Do you have an Income Disclosure Statement?
A -.  Income Disclosure Statements cannot be prepared until the company has a history of payments or at least 6 months in order to produce the data needed to create such a document. We have not yet launched, so it is not possible to have an IDS yet. We will produce such a document as soon as possible. We are working with a different paradigm. Our intent is to help a great many people earn a modest amount of money. The unique difference that sets our program apart from all the others is that we do not charge any fees (replicated site, autoships, etc.), so our IBAs can begin earning pure profit from day one.
Q?   Are your products and services unique?
A -.  Yes. We market a selection of products from numerous "boutique” manufacturers but at substantial discounts. Our business model (discounted e-commerce) is similar to Amazon's, except we share our profits with our Independent Business Associates through many levels of referrals.  
Q?   Are your prices competitive?
A -.  Yes. The purpose of our company is to offer great value and savings on quality products. Our prices are consistently below the suggested retail price.  Many products offer an additional 10% savings if you purchase two or more.
Q?   Do you offer free shipping?
A -.  No. We work diligently to keep shipping costs as low as possible.
Q?   Will you provide capture pages?
A -.  No. Since we offer a free business to everyone, there is no need to "capture” someone's information and then attempt to "sell” them a business opportunity. Simply direct people to your replicated (.biz ) website and encourage them to join your team for free.
Q?   Does the company provide customer support via phone?
A -.  No. You may contact support via your IBA back office.  Or, you may send an email to support@truevaluesavings.com
Q?   Can you describe your company's purpose in a 30 second "Elevator Presentation”?
A -.  Yes. There are two versions. One version for customers and another version for marketers.

For Customers: Have you heard about TrueValueSavings.com? We offer hundreds of great products at great prices. For example, you can save up to 40% on your mobile phone service every month and get up to 50% off a wide range of nutritional products. You should visit the site.

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